wallsONwords, Austin en Español

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wallsONwords, Austin: en Español

wallsONwords, Austin

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wallsONwords, Austin: 38th & Guadalupe

wallsONwords, hits Banksy poster

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“Any advertisement in public space that gives you no choice whether you see it or not is yours.” – Banksy

wallsONwords, hits Banksy poster

wallsONwords, hits Banksy poster

Suggestions Welcome

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We just received this suggested post for wallsONwords, Las Vegas edition:

“What happens in Vegas… actually gets posted on facebook, blogs, and twitter you dumb motherf*ckers.”


This is probably a good time to mention that we like recommendations. That’s how San Francisco came to us. Plural for what’ll be DC. Check out our DIY page for the guidelines.

wallsONwords, Seattle

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What’s up, Green?

wallsONwords, Seattle: Pine & 5th, next to The Gap

wallsONwords, Seattle: Pine & 5th. Thank you, Gap.

wallsONwords, Seattle: Pike & just west of Broadway

wallsONwords, Seattle: production

wallsONwords, San Francisco

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San Francisco is pretty proud of itself. You know what? It should be.

There is no shortage of consciousness; no shortage of people trying to make a positive impact on this world. It’s a cornucopia of cultures, subcultures, ethnicities, sexualities, and lifestyles… all coexisting in relative harmony within this cozy little 7×7 mile city. Household composting is by mandate; ironic coffee joints thrive on every corner; even Republicans have a home in this Left Coast joint. Heh heh.

So maybe San Francisco does delight in itself. They’ve earned it.

wallsONwords, SF: The Mission 20th & Harrison, across from Cafe Gratitude

wallsONwords, SF: The Dogpatch 19th & Tennessee

wallsONwords, SF: Mission & S. Van Ness, next to Urban Yoga -- BEFORE

wallsONwords, SF: Mission & S. Van Ness, next to Urban Yoga -- AFTER

wallsONwords, SF: production

wallsONwords, New York City

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You know what’s cool about New York? That you can install a piece in the subway and passersby stop to help. Thanks, Rudy.

wallsONwords, NYC: 42nd Street subway

wallsONwords, NYC: production

wallsONwords, Los Angeles

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Los Angeles = Culture. 

wallsONwords, Los Angeles: Franklin & Vine

City text project coming soon

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Coming soon!  wallsONwords is currently working on its first city text project.

Here’s a preview: