How To wallsONwords

Without getting all rules-y, here are some general guidelines on posting your own wallsONwords piece.

1.  Think of what you want to say.

  • Your inspiration is the city in which you’re posting. Be kind or at least neutral.
  • Keep it short. (The letters are each about four inches tall.)

2.  Pick a font.  Or not.

  • Choose wisely, grasshopper.   That’ll be the font used for every subsequent posting in that city.
  • If we’ve already posted in a city, the font will be the one that’s already been used.  Continuity and all that.
  • NOTE:  If you have a preference on color, let us know that too.  We generally work in black and white, but that’s not a rule.

3.  Email us your submission , a short description of what your city means to you, and the address to which we should mail the artwork.

4.  Once it’s been approved*, you’ll receive the artwork in 2-3 weeks.

* We know, we know.  “Approval” sounds dangerously close to fascism.  We’re actually pretty laid back –  we just wanna cover ourselves and all that.

5.  Post.

  • Find a flat wall.  Measure the space out in advance so you know what you’re working with.
  • It’s pretty easy to post.  Just in case, instructions will be included.  If you have any questions, let us know.
  • (We probably don’t have to say this, but please don’t cover someone else’s artwork.)

6.  Take a picture, or several.

  • Send them back to us and we’ll post on this site.

Oh man, we’re hyped to see your stuff.

3 Responses to “How To wallsONwords”

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  2. Seattle : thank you for coming, please drive thru

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